- Rewarding Your Customers

Mobile Loyalty Cards



Loyalty Card Feature

Lighten wallets with our mobile Loyalty feature. No more digging around for that paper stamp-card—users just hand their phones over and you type in your ultra secret code to add a point to their card.

Check  Reward your repeat customers

Check Customize stamp requirements

Check Tailor the layout to your needs

Mobile Coupons

 GPS Coupons Feature

Build your repeat customer base by trading check-ins for discounts. With our GPS Coupon feature, users can accumulate points and unlock deals each time they return.

Check Set check-in parameters

Check Easily enable/disable deals

Check Encourage future visits

QR Coupons Feature

Get creative with coupon use through our scannable QR feature. Post a QR code at your business location to ramp up foot traffic, or on your business cards for an added tech touch.

Check Print & post wherever you want

Check Prevent abuse with scan limitations

Check Drive sales with easy redemption