Ok, this is the part everyone wants to know, right?

 "How much is it gonna cost me?"

Our pricing guide is for general purposes.  We don't provide "packages", we don't have set "hourly rates".

What we do provide is a general guide to current US pricing, what you should and should not be paying for your website development, and what you should know before you begin.

Each site is different, with many factors affecting the overall price.  Sites can include multi-media, flash, e-commerce, forms & scripts, databases, etc.  Because each site is individualized, each site cost is individualized.  Our projects range in price from a few hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars.  Our promise is to analyze your needs and price items according to your needs, not on what we can get out of you.  By treating you fairly and giving you the lowest possible rates, we gain your trust and loyalty, and make you happy enough to recommend us to others.  This is how we do business.

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General Guidelines

On average, the US Web Pricing Index (netB2B.com) falls within the following hourly rate schedule:

Item US Avg Our Avg*
 ASP/PHP/Cold Fusion, coding $150  $75
Basic HTML  $112  $50
CGI scripting  $100  $50
Copy writing  $123  $60
Database administration  $165  $75
Design  $125  $60
Flash  $138  $60
Java/Shockwave  $125  $75
Project management  $150  $75
Strategy  $195  $95

*dotLaunch Technologies maintains a general hourly rate index of approximately 50% of the US Index.  This will give you a general guideline to follow.  This is of course generalized.  Because we charge based on Entire Projects, rather than charge hourly rates, some elements of the above table are even lower than 50%.  We provide this table to give you a general idea of the price range you should expect from any web developer.


So what does this all mean?

What this means is...

  • A simple 5-10 page for your business does NOT cost $6,000+
  • Not all good websites are over $2,000
  • You won't be charged for every minute we spend on your site.  Once the project is quoted and accepted, that's what you pay.
  • You know exactly what you're paying before the site even begins
  • You CAN get a nice site for under $1,000
  • We work hard to give you the best services at the lowest costs.
  • We have special discounts for special groups

Free Consultations:
Good communication is the most important step in developing a Web site. Understanding your products, services, goals and objectives is our first concern.  

Discussing your ideas with one of our professionals will help to answer and clarify any questions you may have. This is a valuable service that we are pleased to provide you at no charge, whether you choose us or not.

Proposal / Project Cost Estimate:
After the initial consultation, which helps us determine the amount of time needed for design, layout, graphics work and programming, a proposal can be made to estimate the cost of your Web site.

Average Website costs
Standard Brochure Website
1-5 pages, custom design & contact form
$200 - $500
Standard Added-function Website
5-25 pages, custom design, forms, newsletter, etc.
$500 - $1,000
Standard Business Site
5-25 pages, custom design, forms, applications
$1,000 - $3,000
eCommerce Site
1-15 pages, custom design, shopping cart, forms, etc.
$400 - $1,500



dotLaunch does offer discounts for special needs customers such as non-profits, educational & community sites.  We also offer discounts on web development to those re-design customers who also choose to host with us or advertise with us.


What every Website Owner Should Know

  1. Written Work-for-Hire Designations

    To acquire ownership of the copyright and all of the exclusive rights reserved to the "author" under the copyright laws, the developer, unless an employee of the company, must specifically convey copyright ownership to the Site Owner by written agreement. The Agreement should expressly provide that the work is a work-made-for-hire.

    dotLaunch Technologies does not retain any ownership or rights to it's clients website content, unless specified in writing.  Because of this public notification, no written document is required.

  2. Develop Detailed Web Site Specifications

    Set forth detailed specifications for the Web Site. The Web Site specifications serve as objective criteria against which to test the Web Site to determine if acceptance is warranted.

    Require that the specifications be approved or modified by you, the Site Owner, before commencement of any actual work on the Web Pages.

  3. Tie Payments to Milestones

    Avoid paying your costs up front.  Down payment should not exceed one-half of the projected cost of the entire project; withhold at least one-third until all Web pages have been delivered, tested and accepted by the Site Owner.

  4. Obtain rights to the developer's proprietary software

    If the developer uses any proprietary software in connection with the Web Site, include a mechanism for the Site Owner to license the software and access the source code for the software in the event that the developer goes out of business or the relationship with the developer is terminated.

  5. Prevent liability to third parties

    Obtain warranties that none of the material infringes intellectual property rights of another party. Obtain appropriate indemnifications, when needed.

  6. Price Changes

    No additional costs should be added to your agreed upon development project without your specific written consent.  If there are going to be additional costs for the development of your website, your developer must tell you before proceeding