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dotLaunch Technologies started our business in the Bay Area in 1999. Since then, we've moved to beautiful historic Woodland, California. We are still serving Bay Area web design clients on a regular basis (in addition to cities around the world!). Now we are happy to be offering Woodland web design  services as well. If you're looking to get a presence online, we can help you accomplish that.

When developing the architecture of your Web Site, your developer has to understand what it's underlying objectives are.  This means understanding your industry and the goals of your business.  Each decision must be based upon who your company is and who your customers are.

The look should be a catalyst to drive business forward and should never hold it back.  We determine what your objectives are and, using design and technology, evoke emotion from your clients, and meet their needs immediately.

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Website Consulting

dotLaunch's web consulting services are founded on the single principle of helping companies increase their revenues through their online efforts.

Our extensive online and offline business experience, coupled with a fully integrated team of developers and online marketers, allows us to apply proven business and marketing practices to the web.

All of our consulting services begin with the analysis or review of your overall business strategies, only then, do we proceed to evaluate your existing or proposed online business activities and generate recommendations that rest on a solid business foundation

Web Design

If the design is only for design's sake, chances are you'll distract users from your products and services by hindering performance and usability as elaborate graphics and plug-ins take time to load, actually driving users away.

Your needs are very different if you're Giorgio Armani than if you are a B2B procurement site for the chemical industry. In some cases visual extravagance is essential to maintaining a company's brand image. In others such extravagance would be merely annoying at best.

If flashing graphics and pop-up windows aren't functional elements--that is, elements that add value and ultimately result in revenue in some way-- then it is better to keep things simple.

Your site's design must also help users browse your site and take it in. One way to achieve this goal is by carefully organizing a "design hierarchy" or "drill down" for your site, breaking down each page into concise sections and arranging them in order of importance, so that users can find what they want more easily. Consistent nomenclature and iconography are equally as important.

dotLaunch's team of professionals in the areas of design, marketing and programming will give your company a web site that helps increase your revenues and please your audience.

Mobile Device Ready

In today's world, it's important that your website be viewable on a variety of devices from phones to tablets. We design your site with that in mind, making sure that your site will be viewable on all devices.


With over 50 million web sites competing to keep customers, secure new ones and increase sales, your company must constantly, revise, re-position and incorporate new Internet technologies to remain viable in the world of e-Business. A significant percentage of projects executed by dotLaunch involve re-deployment (redesign) of web sites.

To see how your web site measures up, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Regardless of the number of visitors that come to your site, what percentage of them are turning into customers?
  • What is the average number of pages that a user views when they come to your web site?
  • What is your cost of acquiring a new customer through traditional marketing efforts and how much through your Web site?.
  • Have your sales to existing customers increased since you published your web site?
  • Have you seen any reduction in operating or marketing expenses one year after your site went up?
  • Have you visited your competitor's sites recently to see how they compare to your web site?
  • Can a visitor to your site find out in 30 seconds or less what your products and services are?
  • Can they readily see what is your competitive advantage?
  • Does your web site allow you to collect visitor information, and are you able to easily and periodically send Email updates to all of them?
  • If you chose to advertise your site online today, would you feel comfortable spending thousands of dollars in online or offline advertising/promotion?