My website has already been optimized with SEO. Why do I need social marketing?

If you impress someone with your services or appeal to their interests well enough, they'll spread the word to all of their friends. You'e just gotten a free marketing team.

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My website has everything I want it to have on it. What more do I need?

Great, but does it have what your visitors want and need? A successful website isn't just supposed to attract people and make you proud, it has to engage visitors and encourage them to return. So even if you aren't into social networking or don't have a mobile device and aren't familiar with online shopping - maybe your core target is.

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I've had my business for years and years and my website has been around a long time. What more could I possible ask for?

The online and offline world is changing. Have you kept in sync with your target audience? Have you figured out how many clients and potential new customers are mobile? Have you updated your website to reflect today's method of connecting? These are all things you need to make sure and ask yourself at least every year. We'll help you figure it out.

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I built a website, I did the SEO and marketing, but no one's buying. How come?

If you've done the work, paid for the optimizations and sweated over marketing, but still don't have customers, you could need an overhaul of your image. Most people decide if they like your company in the first 5 seconds of seeing your webpage. Your image is everything. Know your audience, and create your image around them.

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