Image is everything.

Whether you're a Hip-Hop artist or you're selling widgets, it's true. What you say with your image and your product or services brand is the difference between sales and no sales - no matter how great your website or advertising.

What is my image?

We see it everyday - politicians make selective speeches, celebrities air-brush their photos and corporations repackage products.

Understanding who you are and what you want to accomplish is our goal. By talking with you and listening, we can key into your business goals; then we do extensive research on current trends and the success, or failure, of others in your industry. Using this research, along with our experience, we can move towards creating an image for you or your business and a brand for your products. Not only does this include your website and other marketing material, but includes your entire image and can include anything from m the font you use on your business cards to the color of your staff uniforms to copywriting your presentation.

Our goal is to make you money and to make you, your business or your products unforgettable.

Audience Targeting and Emotional Response
Who is the target audience, and how do you want them to feel? We start by asking these two simple questions.  The very heart of branding and marketing is eliciting the desired emotional results through media.

The three-second rule...
"Immediate results", "immediate gratification" and  "short attention spans" is the world we live in. You  want to elicit the desired emotional response from your existing and potential clients within the first three seconds of seeing your product, your website or your flyer. Otherwise, they'll be on to the next one on the she

lf, on the page or on the Google results.

Working with you
We involve our clients in every step of the process; from brainstorming who your audience is and what they want want to testing the final outcome. We encourage clients to show our mock-ups to colleagues and a small selection of target audience users. This allows the client to do informal user-testing throughout the process.