Expand your reach

dotLaunch has been serviing local businesses and building Woodland websites for years. We're proud of our local community. Whether you have an existing website or you want a new one, being mobile ready is important.

A phone is no longer just a phone. People use their mobile devices to connect to everything, from the internet to their friends. We'll analyze your market and choose the best mobility solution for your business.

Besides formatting your website for view on mobile devices such as phones and tablets, you may want to consider a mobile website for the following reasons:

  • Expanding your customer base and appeal to new audiences
  • Enhance the experience and services for existing customers
  • Increase or implement online sales

Because of the ever-changing world of technology, creating a mobile website can easily go right along with your standard website, without additional costs to you. We ensure all of our website projects mobile ready by using responsive design across multiple devices.