One of the most common misconceptions of website marketing is: "If you build it, they will come". With over 50 million web sites on the Internet, this is no longer true. It is critical that your web site be promoted. We are committed to helping you market your web site on the Internet and creating a viable online presence.

The online marketing landscape seems to change year by year. What worked just a couple of years ago is not what's going to work now. Search engines have changed their algorythms and how they rank you significantly.

This is where we work hardest for you.

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Know your target

Understanding the web's ever-changing landscape, and why people are using it, is what separates a successful marketing endeavor from a waste of time and money. The internet is not just a set of audiences divided into clunky demographics. Those demographics change based on the priorities of the moment.

Someone looking to hire a travel company has different needs from reading industry information through blogs. Updating social networks is an entire universe away from searching for recipes on social networks. This may all be from a single person throught their day.

Because the internet and it's varied users are constantly moving in different circles, marketing to them with a one-way, static advertising program will simply end in futility.  Understanding your audience has never been so important, and understanding only comes from experience. Our experience in a multitude of industries, our experience being ensconced on the web and our role as a "web surfer" to your business is what sets us apart from others.

Is SEO dead?

No, but it's not your Dad's SEO! Today, search engine ranking is based on how "Popular" you and your site are. This popularity is affected by a number of things. With more than 15 years in the business, we know what works.

Important factors include:

  • Social Networks
  • Although many business owners haven't embraced this part of the internet, it's truly one of the most vital elements of your marketing efforts.
  • dotLaunch has proven experience in creating your social presence on the internet. When you are on the most popular websites in existence, you become popular yourself.
  • Traditional SEO
  • Meta tags, keywords and quality content are still relevant to any website. With copywriting, visual enhancement and good keyword strategy, dotLaunch can create a website that is rich in content and designed to be loved by the search engines and other outlets online.
  • Fresh Content
  • This is one of the most overlooked elements when creating an online presence. It's important to add new content to your site on a regular basis. This could be in the form of news, tips, specials or industry information. Whether you use a blog or just add news to your site, fresh content keeps customers returning and, more importantly, shows the search engines and other online entities that your site is relevant, popular and contains readable content.

What if I just don't want to be bothered with all of those Social Networks?

No problem. dotLaunch can help you build your site in such a way that your occasional new content (news, article, etc.) can automatically be posted to your social networks as well. This make it easy for you to stay on top of it all. If you really do not want to or don't have time to do anything at all, dot Launch provides quality copywriting and can add content to your site on a regular basis.

SEO, SEM, SMM... What?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Building your site to be friendly, readable and relevant to search engines. We use specific techniques and strategies to increase the likelihood of a website appearing on search engine results

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - Although these strategies can include SEO, SEM includes paid direct inclusion in search results. This is via pay-per-click advertising that most search engines offer. It's competitive and expensive. These paid links can sometimes work in minor conflict with really good SEO. There must be a balance between the two, or sometimes, no paid advertising at all.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) - This does not directly involve search engines, but plays a key role in a website's exposure and marketing efforts. We've all heard of items "going viral"; well, having seen the power and reach of viral content, companies have flocked to the social Web in order to utilize this "online word of mouth" for their own branding efforts. Social media allows for information to spread exponentially, allowing company advertising efforts to spread very quickly and to like-minded audiences all at the efforts of the viewers themselves.