Let's get social!

Whatever you think of social media, it's imperitive to today's business. I often hear from clients that they "don't do social media". While we understand this feeling, we also need to stress the importance social media has on your business.

Why social media is important

Search engine optimization

The algorythms that search engines use today don't just include meta data and site content. Search engine rank you on your "popularity" on the internet. Your website is deemed popular by how many popular website your website appears on. The most popular sites online are social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit and others. By getting your website content and your business information into these sites, you've just improved your popularity. We make it easy for you by automating much of the process with instant linking and updating of your business content directly to these social networks!

Customer Retention

You can leverage the power of social media by making it easy to connect with your customers. More and more people are using social media to find businesses and talk about their experience with a business. Social networks may be the type of website your customers spend the most time on. By posting new information, special deals and customer support on these social networks, you've just connected with your most important asset - your customer.

New customer acquisition

Social networks are a viral medium. By announcing important news or product changes and deals to your existing customers, you are more likely to have them share this information with the people within their social networks, thereby being exposed to potential new clients. Word of mouth is the most important marketing tool you can have.

How we make social media work for you

We'll analyze your business and your audience and find the social networks that are most likely to work for you. We'll set up and customize your facebook page, twitter account or Instagram page and give you the easiest solution for updating it. We can also manage your social networks for you, making sure your networks are up to date, relevant and working towards your business goals.